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Microsoft - #25Everyday

Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman

Microsoft Office 365

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IT Infrastructure on Rent -

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Windows 10: release date, price, news and features

Windows 10: what we know so far With Windows 8 and today Windows 8.1, Microsoft tried – not entirely successfully – to deliver an operating system (OS) that could handle the needs of not only number-crunching workstations and high-end gaming rigs, but touch-controlled systems from all-in-one PCs for the family and thin-and-light notebooks down to slender tablets. When Microsoft pulled the curtain back on Windows 10 back in September of 2014, it was clear that, with an operating system optimized for PCs, tablets and phones in unique ways, the Redmond, Wash.-based firm was onto something. Skipping the Windows 9 name entirely, Microsoft issued a public preview of the shiny new OS later that autumn, known as Windows Technical Preview (WTP). You can try it out for yourself through Microsoft's Windows Insider Program. You'll need a Microsoft account to get it, and it's worth bearing in mind that it's not the finished product, so it will be a bit rough around the edges

Facebook quietly dumped Skype

Social media can make a relationship a lot more complicated. Take, for example, Facebook and Microsoft's Skype. Back in 2011, they were the happiest of couples, telling everybody how they were working together to make video calling in Facebook Messenger a reality . "[Then-Microsoft CEO] Steve [Ballmer] and I are really aligned on this," Mark Zuckerberg said at the time. Today, with the launch of video calling in Facebook Messenger for iPhone and Android , there's no longer any doubt: Facebook and Skype have broken up, and Skype seems to be the one who was dumped. While no announcements have ever been made, we started to suspect Facebook and Skype were no longer quite so close in 2013, after Facebook introduced a voice calling option that used its own technology. But the real rupture appears to have happened a few months back when Facebook quietly stopped using Skype for video calls made from the desktop, replacing Skype with technology that Facebook de

5 Ways Google Search Results Will Change By 2016

Search engine results pages (SERPs), much to the irritation of search marketers who count on them, change constantly. Google is constantly making tiny, hardly-noticeable tweaks to the familiar layout of its signature creation, leading to gradual changes in user behavior and disrupting the expectations of optimizers who were counting on previous information. Up until now, these changes have been relatively minor, even unnoticeable to most users outside the SEO community. Google removed the underlines marking the hyperlinks that made the list. The length of each entry and the numbers of entries per page have both changed over time. Various listing modifications have allowed sub-pages to be viewed in different ways based on the context of the search. But none of these changes has completely disrupted the status quo of the SERP : earn high authority, rank high, and you’ll get the most visibility. Now, with the onslaught of new technology from wearable devices to far more soph

Microsoft demos Windows 10 apps on HoloLens, and it's stunning

Microsoft’s annual Build event, led by CEO Satya Nadella, waited until the end of Wednesday’s keynote to unveil the most stunning part of its presentation:  HoloLens . The company showed off how Windows 10 apps work seamlessly within what Microsoft calls the Windows Holographic platform. And it was impressive. SEE ALSO:  Microsoft shows off new visual features in Windows 10, new Windows Store options After Nadella handed the reins over to Microsoft vice president of operating systems, Joe Belfiore, to demo Windows 10, Belfiore then introduced Microsoft technical fellow Alex Kipman, who presented a series of HoloLens users on stage. First, we got to see how the HoloLens handles an apartment layered in the holographic app panels. The customized room included holographic items, such as a virtual dog (name Fang), a robot and a holographic start menu on which he opened up a Skype call. The user then pinned the Skype call panel to a wall. On another wall, he had a pan

BlackBerry planning to shut down Sweden operations

NEW DELHI: BlackBerry is considering closing its offices in Sweden, a move that would result in the loss of up to 100 jobs, a company spokesperson told Reuters. "At this time, we are considering the closure of our offices in Sweden. Since this may impact approximately 100 employees, we are now initiating consultations with the employees' trade unions," the spokesperson said in an email. BlackBerry had about 7,000 people as of September 2014, according to the its website. The company's Toronto-listed stock closed little changed at C$12.62 on Friday. Read more at:

E-commerce companies flood internet with ads

BENGALURU: Thejesh GN, a Bangalore-based technologist, does not have a Facebook app on his phone, often browses on incognito mode and has installed a tool that detects and blocks spy ads and trackers. All this is to escape from the pervasive ads that have now begun to invade his online presence. But Thejesh knows it's of little use. Given the proliferation of e-commerce companies in India, the barrage of ads are unlikely to stop. "It's an everyday fight. There is no way to get rid of all these ads," said Thejesh, co-founder of data science community Datameet. Thejesh represents a growing population of internet users who are becoming aware of the risks that come with their online habits -- specifically, having each data point of their everyday lives collected by companies and tech startups. This includes an individual's IP address, browser type, pages viewed, and the date and time of use. On mobile, the data collected could be more elaborate and accurate --

Net neutrality: Telcos warn of six-fold hike in data tariffs

NEW DELHI: Mobile operators on Friday said that they may have to increase data tariffs by up to six times to remain viable if the proposed regulations did not offer a level-playing field with net-based services such as Skype and WhatsApp. Although they "supported" net neutrality and launched a campaign to link the unconnected to the internet, they said that high data rates would become unaffordable for a large number of people, denying them access to the Internet. Click here to send an e-mail to Trai in favour of net neutrality Pitching for same regulation for all communication services, COAI, the GSM industry group, said operators are required to ensure a level of service quality, share revenue with the government and intercept communication for preventing any terrorist act, but these rules are not applicable on Internet-based messaging and calling applications. "If same rules are not to apply, then the only way this industry can be viable is data rate will be

Global customers warn Indian IT companies

CHENNAI: The world's largest buyers of technology such as Cargill, Target Corp and Lowe's have advice for India's biggest software firms: Adapt new technology and transform fast or become irrelevant. At an exclusive session with ET, the technology heads of several global companies said Indian IT firms need to overhaul their businesses and strengthen in areas such as digital, analytics and cloud, particularly as many of the clients are building their own capabilities in advanced computing. "If you see, areas such as digitization are largely not being outsourced right now," said Arindam Sen, senior vice president at Schneider Electric India. Companies globally are channeling efforts into developing in-house expertise in areas such as analytics and cloud computing to stay ahead of their competition, also because large IT firms haven't been nimble enough to build capabilities in emerging technology more efficiently. "Over a period of time, over 8-10

Woman sues Google after in-app purchases drain her bank account

One day last August, Susan Harvey tried to download a previously purchased app onto a second mobile phone, only to have Google's dashboard tell her that - yikes! - there were 109 transactions on her account. Clicking on another tab on Google's site led her to find that, even worse, there were about 650 transactions listed, most of which she says she didn't recognise. Her bank records told the tale: between April 2013 and May 2014, her account had been drained of thousands of dollars. According to The Register, the California woman last week filed a lawsuit against Google in the Eastern California District Court, alleging that the search company's inadequate security enabled crooks to run up thousands of dollars in charges on her Google Play account that were then debited electronically without her sign-off. Harvey also accuses Google of first refusing to reimburse her, then backing down and agreeing to refund the money, but ultimately failing to pay up as prom


The Internet has wrought incredible changes to learning, both in what we can learn and the way that we learn it. Not only is the information of the world largely available (free of charge) at our fingertips, but we also increasingly have access to new ideas and bright minds from around the world. Is all of this actually making us smarter though? There has been a great deal of discussion over the years on the impact of the Internet on our brains, with respected voices ranging from Nick Carr to Susan Greenfield suggesting that the web is actually making us dumber. Whilst this may seem hard to understand given the tremendous opportunities the web affords us, a recent Yale-led study suggests they may have a point. The study, which consisted of nine separate experiments, found that when we obtain knowledge online, we perceive our knowledge as much greater than we do when the knowledge is obtained through other channels. “This was a very robust effect, replicated time and time aga

One in six Android apps is a malware, says study

BENGALURU: One in every six Android applications is a malware, according to a study by technology security company Symantec. The study also found that 36% of all Android applications are Graywares, which are not malicious by design but do annoying and inadvertently harmful things like tracking user behaviour. In what could be seen as a warning to the large number of startups emerging in India, the study said cyberattackers are focusing more on small- and mid-sized business firms now since these are the ones that are increasingly creating intellectual property. It said 60% of all targeted attacks struck such organizations in 2014. "The attackers know that a large portion of intellectual properties are generated from smaller companies. With hundreds of startups coming up every day in India, the number of attacks are likely to rise as companies give more importance to bringing a product to market quickly than on security," Tarun Kaura, director of Symantec's technology

Google launches its own mobile telephone service

NEW YORK: Google said on Wednesday that it was launching its own US mobile wireless service, with considerable potential savings for customers using their devices at home and for international travel. The service called Project Fi is only available by invitation for now, and only for the Google Nexus 6 smartphone. The service will use Wi-Fi hotspots along with the US mobile networks of Sprint and T-Mobile, and also may be used in 120 .. Read more at:

Buying a Wi-Fi Router? Here Are the Features and Specifications That Matter

Read at NDTV Gadgets If you're using Wi-Fi in your house, the odds are good that you just went with the free router that the ISP provides. It's convenient since you don't need to set up anything, and it saves both time and money. And then the problems start - the network is slow, or doesn't reach most parts of your house - and there's not much you can do about it. Most people avoid buying a router themselves because of the complication of the specifications and the effort it takes to understand them. You can try looking for alternatives yourself, but the router page on the company website or an e-commerce website doesn't provide you the details in a simple language that would help you make the decision. So you end up taking the path of least resistance and keep using the ISP's router. That may work for some, but for most people it is advisable to invest in a better router, so you can get your home network working according to your needs. This way,

Microsoft launches on-demand Azure backup and recovery

Read more at: Microsoft has announced new preview features for Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery to provide more flexible backup and recovery options for enterprise private and public clouds. The new features come as part of Microsoft's Availability on Demand service for enterprises with a hybrid cloud strategy, and are aimed at helping those customers move and manage data and applications across on-premise and cloud environments. The features are targeted at Microsoft's IT pro customers, and follow the company's mobile developer focused announcement this week of Azure App Service. The Azure Backup feature update will let enterprise run online backups of Windows and Linux VMs deployed in an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) setup and restore them as needed. It's designed to support enterprises with on-premise deployments to move capabilities to Azure, such as disaster recovery, analytics, backup, cloud bursting, migration, and development a

The Highest-Paid Big Data Skills

read more at: Yes, “Big Data” has become one of those buzzwords, along with “cloud,” that’s way overused these days. But it’s clear that employers want tech pros who can analyze massive datasets and deliver actionable intelligence: According to the most recent Dice Report, firms in several states consider data-analytics skills a critical resource, one that they’re more than happy to shell out big bucks to obtain. Dice found that a full 24 percent of survey respondents in Seattle had Big Data skills—an unsurprising twist, considering the number of data-hungry firms (such as Amazon and Microsoft) that call the surrounding region home. Close behind it was Portland, with 22 percent, followed by Silicon Valley with 20 percent, Baltimore/Washington, D.C. (and its heavy contingent of federal agencies) with 19 percent, and Atlanta with 17 percent. Check out the latest analytics jobs. Whether startups and tech giants on the West Coast or federal contractors in Washington,

10 Free Online Courses That Can Benefit Every Entrepreneur

Read more at: Every entrepreneur can benefit from continued education. Whether you are just starting out and handling multiple roles within your company or an experienced business owner -- enrolling in an online course is always a good way to improve your knowledge and has never been easier or more affordable. Long gone are the days of taking evening classes at local colleges and paying tuition. You can now take excellent courses in the comfort of your own home for free. Here are ten free online courses that every entrepreneur can benefit from. 1. 21 Critical Lessons for Entrepreneurs This two-hour video course by Docstoc CEO Jason Nazar takes his real-world experience and breaks it into several video lessons that discuss all the important steps of running a successful business, from vetting an idea and raising money from investors to scaling and growth strategies. There are a lot of coaching and training programs online that are put together by individ