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Happy Anniversary Windows 10.. You rock. #windows10 #windows #Microsoft @Microsoft

Mobile ATM a much needed Utility

As technology is building and we are getting used to it in cities. The same need is gradually growing in smaller cities and villages. The only way to tackle the need for technology there is by innovating products that can be use in any environment and can actually work in these places. TechnoPlanet with its innovative ideas and research has been involved in developing and partnering with organization’s already having the technology elsewhere and harnessing for use in India. M2M are the next generation devices everyone is talking about. The major used case for M2M is ATM’s these days. Making ATM’s available for masses at locations where it’s not possible to have one is the need of the hour. We have the products, which will not only make these mobile ATM’s work but cut the cost of using high-end devices and technologies for such initiatives. Our devices have ability to connect over any Last mile connectivity. Any kind of Authentication layer. Any kind of routing protocols La

Do you require a dedicated system administrator?

Technology has evolved so has administrator. Days have gone when people were needed to sit in front of System to monitor or manage it. With growing orchestrations tools and system remote manage capabilities. We really don’t require someone to be deputed to do administration on site. We require people to manage the floors and handle physical issues rather than management issues. Outsourcing Administration and Management of Server assets not only give organization peace of mind but quality Engineers to take care of their infrastructure with excellence. Day has come to take a step ahead and take on board organization as System Administrators rather than Resource with limited knowledge.