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Application Service Providers. A Deceiving experience for many.

Since 1999 till today.. Technology has changed a lot in India and the world around us. The major change which happen was the word Start-up. Which took up like a Rocket Fuelled Jet.

We have seen many new names and fames since then. Where very few made to the top and most of were lost in the past. Surprisingly it was the same thing which created and destroyed these start-ups. Technology. Those who understand it well they have their hands full and those who not are not even left with hands.

With many Start-ups showing up across India, came along Service providers. With everyone craving for their own Intellectual Property (IP) these service providers showed themselves as the most intelligent people of the era and can develop applications which can earn an investor’s eye.

Technology is the need for the hour and India has been known for its big brains across the world but at the same time came along those who just wanted to earn easy money.

These guys created organizations with easy and novice teams. Unfortunately for their low cost and lesser time frames Organizations with lesser funds easily got lured.

But the actual Property never got delivered as the development process was a never ending game. Every little change called for a re-design of the application structure. Till the Organizations realised they were disillusioned they already had drained off their monies and left with nothing but lockdown.

Just because of these charlatans genuine service providers / deliverers had to prove them again and again to win trust’s.
Application design is not an easy task. The application architect has to reach to the crux of the business process before even writing “A” of an application understanding document.
Most of the people even today consider application a mean to just enter values and get invoice out of it. Today’s application and their usage has changed to a great extent and these new age applications can bring wonders to the businesses and business owners.
Applications not only create invoices but they can
  • Generate new leads.
  • Create new avenues to sell your products.
  • Get orders.
  • Manage Ordering of Raw Materials for Manufacturers and help them plan production. Precise ordering can save on cost, lesser the production cost and in turn the product cost, which means more profit in every product you sell.
  • Manage and update every step of production to stake holders, so they know, what is the average manufacturing time and accordingly take measures to either grow production lines or optimise existing lines to get more productions out of it.
  • Manage logistics and deliveries and get updates once products are delivered.
  • Get customer feedback.
  • Keep customers engage with what’s new.

Applications can do lot more. The important thing is you need a right organization with right people to understand and deliver.
Again most of the organizations indulge in buying infrastructure, employee engineers and invest in
  • ·        Maintaining
  • ·        Renewing.
  • ·        Refreshing every 5 years.

They forget this is not their core business. Infrastructure should be left to experts and businesses should focus on what more can they do grow their business with the help of analytics and data provided by the new age applications.
Infrastructure can be taken care by the cloud service providers like
  • ·        Azure
  • ·        Amazon.
  • ·        Google

And others.
Cloud is the cheapest and best way to host your application. Cloud gives you a worry free infrastructure, which will keep upgrading itself at no cost. You just keep paying your subscription fees.
Hope Organizations realize inexpensive and lesser times does not always mean good.

Time should justify the Application and Application should justify the business. 


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