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IT Rentals a Major saving factor for Organizations

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Application Service Providers. A Deceiving experience for many.

Since 1999 till today.. Technology has changed a lot in India and the world around us. The major change which happen was the word Start-up. Which took up like a Rocket Fuelled Jet.

We have seen many new names and fames since then. Where very few made to the top and most of were lost in the past. Surprisingly it was the same thing which created and destroyed these start-ups. Technology. Those who understand it well they have their hands full and those who not are not even left with hands.

With many Start-ups showing up across India, came along Service providers. With everyone craving for their own Intellectual Property (IP) these service providers showed themselves as the most intelligent people of the era and can develop applications which can earn an investor’s eye.

Technology is the need for the hour and India has been known for its big brains across the world but at the same time came along those who just wanted to earn easy money.

These guys created organizations with easy and novice teams. Unfortunately for their low cost and lesser time frames Organizations with lesser funds easily got lured.

But the actual Property never got delivered as the development process was a never ending game. Every little change called for a re-design of the application structure. Till the Organizations realised they were disillusioned they already had drained off their monies and left with nothing but lockdown.

Just because of these charlatans genuine service providers / deliverers had to prove them again and again to win trust’s.
Application design is not an easy task. The application architect has to reach to the crux of the business process before even writing “A” of an application understanding document.
Most of the people even today consider application a mean to just enter values and get invoice out of it. Today’s application and their usage has changed to a great extent and these new age applications can bring wonders to the businesses and business owners.
Applications not only create invoices but they can
  • Generate new leads.
  • Create new avenues to sell your products.
  • Get orders.
  • Manage Ordering of Raw Materials for Manufacturers and help them plan production. Precise ordering can save on cost, lesser the production cost and in turn the product cost, which means more profit in every product you sell.
  • Manage and update every step of production to stake holders, so they know, what is the average manufacturing time and accordingly take measures to either grow production lines or optimise existing lines to get more productions out of it.
  • Manage logistics and deliveries and get updates once products are delivered.
  • Get customer feedback.
  • Keep customers engage with what’s new.

Applications can do lot more. The important thing is you need a right organization with right people to understand and deliver.
Again most of the organizations indulge in buying infrastructure, employee engineers and invest in
  • ·        Maintaining
  • ·        Renewing.
  • ·        Refreshing every 5 years.

They forget this is not their core business. Infrastructure should be left to experts and businesses should focus on what more can they do grow their business with the help of analytics and data provided by the new age applications.
Infrastructure can be taken care by the cloud service providers like
  • ·        Azure
  • ·        Amazon.
  • ·        Google

And others.
Cloud is the cheapest and best way to host your application. Cloud gives you a worry free infrastructure, which will keep upgrading itself at no cost. You just keep paying your subscription fees.
Hope Organizations realize inexpensive and lesser times does not always mean good.

Time should justify the Application and Application should justify the business. 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Meet Google Duo, a simple 1-to-1 video calling app for everyone

Video calling is the next best thing to being with someone in person, but too often it can be a frustrating or complicated experience. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your call will connect, or if your friend is using the same type of device as you are. It’s no wonder that nearly half of us never make video calls on mobile*.

Today, we’re releasing Google Duo — a simple 1-to-1 video calling app available for Android and iOS. Duo takes the complexity out of video calling, so that you can be together in the moment wherever you are.

Simple interface

Duo is simple from start to finish. To get started, all you need is your phone number and you’ll be able to reach people in your phone’s contacts list. No separate account is required, so you can sign up in just a few steps. From there, you can instantly begin a video call with a single tap.

Fast and reliable

We all know how it feels when a call fails to connect or when video gets choppy. We’ve built Duo to be fast and reliable, so that video calls connect quickly and work well even on slower networks. Call quality adjusts to changing network conditions to keep you connected — when bandwidth is limited, Duo will gracefully reduce the resolution to keep the call going smoothly. For video calls on the go, Duo will switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data automatically without dropping your call. You can start your call at home, and continue seamlessly even when you head out the door.

Human design

We designed Duo to feel warm and inviting, focused on just you and the person you’re calling. To make calls feel more like an invitation rather than an interruption, we created a feature in Duo called Knock Knock which lets you see live video of your caller before you answer, giving you a sense of what they’re up to and why they want to chat. Knock Knock makes video calling more spontaneous and welcoming, helping you connect with the person before you even pick up.

Finally, we built Duo with an emphasis on privacy and security, and all Duo calls are end-to-end encrypted.

Give your friends a wave with Duo! We’re beginning to roll out Duo for Android and iOS today, and it will be live worldwide in the next few days.

Posted by Justin Uberti, Principal Software Engineer

Ref: Google Official Blog

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Google to kill Chrome apps on Mac, Windows and Linux

Three years after introducing special apps that run inside the Chrome browser, Google announced Friday that it will be removing them from Windows, Mac and Linux by early 2018. 

Google introduced those apps in 2013 as a way to offer new functions that weren't otherwise available on the web. Chrome browser apps also gave developers a way to write one app that would run across Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.

The apps come in two flavors: Hosted Apps, which are essentially installable web apps, and Packaged Apps, which are closer to a traditional app like those you might find in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

The phase-out gives developers about a year and a half to figure out how to migrate their applications away from the Chrome browser. For Hosted apps, that's not too big a deal, since their functions reside mostly on the web. Users will be able to keep using the web app after the transition, but completely through the web. 

For Packaged Apps, developers will have to build something new. Google recommends a quartet of alternatives: web apps, extensions, extension-enhanced web pages and native apps. For the last one, they suggest developers take advantage of technologies like Electron or NW.js to build applications that run on desktop operating systems. 

The reasoning behind Google's decision is pretty clear: Over the past few years, web technologies have advanced to the point where many of the features of Chrome apps are available on websites. Meanwhile, only about 1 percent of users on Windows, Mac and Linux use Chrome Packaged Apps.

The shutdown will be gradual. Starting later this year, new Chrome apps will only be available on Chrome OS, while existing apps will be available on all platforms. Then, in the second half of 2017, the Chrome Web Store will no longer show Chrome apps to users on the affected platforms. Finally, Chrome apps will cease to function on Windows, Mac and Linux in early 2018. 

Phasing out Chrome apps across the top desktop OSes may cause developers to lose interest in developing them for Chrome OS, too. But a few months ago, Google announced that Chrome OS computers will also be able to run Android apps, so those may help to take up the slack.

SAN FRANCISCO: American multinational online transportation firm Uber Technologies Inc. announced that it has acquired 'Otto', a technology startup whose aim is to make trucks self-driving.

Otto, a 90-person start-up includes former Google and Carnegie Mellon engineers, The New York Times reported.

According to Uber chief executive officer and co-founder Travis Kalanick, Otto was co-founded earlier this year by Anthony Levandowski, an engineer who once worked at Google on self-driving technology and two other former colleagues to equip trucks with software, sensors, lasers and cameras so they will be able to navigate the highway on their own, EFE news reported.

Levandowski will lead "combined self-driving efforts reporting directly to me -- across personal transportation, delivery and trucking," Kalanick said, noting that "when it comes to this advanced technology stack, Otto plus Uber is a dream team" and that "we now have one of the strongest autonomous engineering groups in the world."

The acquisition of Otto follows Uber's recent opening of an advanced technology centre in Pittsburgh, in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University, The New York Times reported.

Uber plans to open a 180,000-sq.ft facility in Palo Alto, California, to house Otto, which will operate as a stand-alone company focused specifically on upending the long-distance trucking industry. Otto engineers will also work out of offices in San Francisco and Pittsburgh.

Uber will also be able to use Otto's huge user base to tap into ride data and improve its mapping solution.

On Thursday, Uber also announced that it would begin testing self-driving cars in Pittsburgh in few weeks, allowing people in the city to hail modified versions of Volvo sport utility vehicles (SUV) to get around the city.

However, the self-driving revolution has already hit a few speed bumps.

The electric-car maker Tesla is under investigation by federal regulators looking into a fatal crash in May of a Tesla Model S sedan whose driver had the vehicle's Autopilot assisted-driving system engaged.


Monday, August 15, 2016

The Quint: Indian Student Invents First Asian Device to Make Water from Air

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Happy Anniversary Windows 10.. You rock.

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Mobile ATM a much needed Utility

As technology is building and we are getting used to it in cities. The same need is gradually growing in smaller cities and villages. The only way to tackle the need for technology there is by innovating products that can be use in any environment and can actually work in these places.
TechnoPlanet with its innovative ideas and research has been involved in developing and partnering with organization’s already having the technology elsewhere and harnessing for use in India.
M2M are the next generation devices everyone is talking about. The major used case for M2M is ATM’s these days. Making ATM’s available for masses at locations where it’s not possible to have one is the need of the hour.
We have the products, which will not only make these mobile ATM’s work but cut the cost of using high-end devices and technologies for such initiatives.
Our devices have ability to connect over any

  • Last mile connectivity.
  • Any kind of Authentication layer.
  • Any kind of routing protocols
  • Last but not least in any environment as Air-conditioning is not needed.
If you need to know more about the devices. Please email us at or call us on +91 9821634248 #MobileATM #ATM #M2M #RemoteRouters

Do you require a dedicated system administrator?

Technology has evolved so has administrator. Days have gone when people were needed to sit in front of System to monitor or manage it.
With growing orchestrations tools and system remote manage capabilities. We really don’t require someone to be deputed to do administration on site.
We require people to manage the floors and handle physical issues rather than management issues.
Outsourcing Administration and Management of Server assets not only give organization peace of mind but quality Engineers to take care of their infrastructure with excellence.
Day has come to take a step ahead and take on board organization as System Administrators rather than Resource with limited knowledge.

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Hosting Services by Technoplanet


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